Tuesday, December 6, 2016

YDEV Event #2

For my second event, I had the opportunity to sit in at one of my student's, Jean,  exhibitions at The Met High School. For those of you who aren't familiar with this school, it isn't your typical high school. The year is split into trimesters rather than four quarters and all students have an internship in an organization that interests them. Each trimester, every single year, the students all have to present to their advisory all the work that they have done for that trimester. This includes school work and what they do in their internship. For each of their internships they also have to have a special project that they are working on for the year.

Jean is a senior at The MET and his internship is at CDL as an engineer. He did a great job presenting what he does daily at his internship with videos, work samples (a bird house that he made), and had a personal experience to talk about for a lot of the information he spoke about. He also talked about his project for the year, which is making a mailbox for his advisor that he has a blueprint for already.
Image result for wooden mailbox
the mailbox model
I chose this as one of my events because what these students do each trimester is what us YDEV majors are doing in our senior year. I commend the students at The MET because it takes a lot to get up in front of your peers, at that age, and deliver a great presentation. I thought about myself in high school and how much I would’ve dreaded doing 3 exhibitions a year. I would’ve probably changed schools from the anxiety. It really amazes me how brave and yet knowledgeable the students in this school are, while I’m a senior in college and still am not looking forward to presenting my work from my internship this year.

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