Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ideology Inventory

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Add up your totals for each of the following

___13____A – Risk, Resiliency and Prevention
___10___B – Positive Youth Development
___13____C – Critical Youth Development

After taking the ideology quiz, I learn that I fell under risk, resiliency and prevention as well as critical youth development. The numbers were exactly the same and the amount of points I had for positive youth development was close as the numbers for the other categories. When I took this quiz last semester I fell under positive youth development and the category I fell under the least was critical youth development. I honestly believe what changed my way of thinking was going to YIA. After seeing the young girls run such a smooth and effective session with us made me think that we as youth development leaders don't have to hold the youth's hands. All we have to do is give them the right tools to grow as knowledgeable and confident people. Once they have that, everything else won't seem impossible. I believe that the youth learns best when it's through their experiences rather than someone telling them what and how to do something. The more experiences the youth have, positive or negative, the more they will remember an reflect on what they've learned.

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