Thursday, December 8, 2016

Center For Resiliance

Watching the testimony videos on the Center For Resillience's website, it made me think of how useful a program like this would be in ALL schools. When you teach youth mindfulness at a young age, they only improve that skill and can influence their peers. I could only imagine how different my high school years would've been if I was involved in this program. My grades would've been way higher and I wouldn't have had much conflict with my classmates. I taught myself how to be mindful once I hit college because I felt really stressed between becoming an adult, being in college, and having a job. All of it was new to me and I learned how to cope, but it would've been nice if someone would've advised me that things would get hectic after I left high school and how to cope. The video below explains the story of one of Gisele Polanco's students who did a 180 from this program.

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