Friday, December 9, 2016

Context Mapping

What is Context Mapping?
Context mapping is the way we describe ourselves and values by the different environments that we put ourselves in. These environments include school, work, home, volunteering, sports, or any other commitments that you have in your life that are important to you.

In this chapter, Julian is asked to create a context map which describes all the places that he is usually in and what relationships he has with the people there. This will help him define who he is.

My Context Map

Personal Life:

Key Family (coworkers)
dealing with behavioral girls
Blessed Sacrament School Daycare

Academic Life:
YDEV Classmates
Graduation in May!!
procedure of contextmapping (Sleeswijk Visser et al, 2005)Image result for identity

Achieved Identity: When an individual has resolved any identity crisis in the past by incorporating those past identities it with their present self to be understand themself

Moratorium Identity: When an individual is in the state of exploring and experimenting identities but does not make any commitment to one

Foreclosed Identity: When an individual has an identity that is forced upon them with being explored or looking for alternatives

Diffuse identity: When an individual is always between identities and has no commitment with only one

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